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Thanks to all who came celebrate with us at Hibernian Hall on May 3rd. We are now focusing on developing a television version of our current show. One of our actors Sunni Ali is a producer in training at BNN and is spearheading this effort. Keep your eyes on the news and the drastic consequences of revised spending policies in the correctional system. Agitate!!

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  1. Dev Luthra says:

    Revolution is a symphony of liberations.

    Quoted by Charlotte Bunch in a documentary on her life and work.

    • ALice Brown says:

      could you give me the name of the prison outreach program: pacemaker, or peacemaker….the group that visits prisons. We were invited to have a speaker/rep come out to Canton 1st Parish UU church and give us a presentation on how to start a chaper of prison visitors.
      But I can’t remember the name.
      Thanks for your efforts last nigh Unique and impressive and heart breaking.

  2. Dev Luthra says:

    Our 8th season is off to ta great start. wE opened at the Horace Mann Auditorium at Boyden Hall, Bridgewater State University. Our thanks go out to Marlene DeLeone for organizing this event. Love and congratulations to all the actors and to the production staff.

  3. Dev Luthra says:

    We performed at the Taunton DYS last night and what an evening: a great show for an audience of 12 or so teens and another ten or so staff. Then we all sat and ate together, breaking bread talking about the work, our lives, what ifs, and the world outside. The commitment of the actors made it possible for these young men to open up and taste connection for at least a couple of hours.

  4. Dev Luthra says:

    It has been a great week for ASWR: shows at the DYS at Taunton for a group of 11 youth and staff, then three days later at an arts therapy conference at Lesley University. Powerful performances and talk backs at both venues. Last week we performed at Hibernian Hall with True Story
    Theatre. Tomorrow at the Groves conference on Marriage and Family, focusing on the impact of incarceration on families. ASWR strides on!

  5. Dev Luthra says:

    Dev Luthra
    this is a quote from an interview with Eddie Ellis in Sun Magazine. A former prisoner having served 25 years, he runs an organization that works with people returning from prison:

    Interviewer: How can we help people who are leaving prison?

    Ellis: We hesitate to refer to the process of returning home from prison as “re-entry.” Reenter means “to enter again” and a majority of the poeple we work with were never a part of mainstream institutions, functional families, the legal job market, or a supportive faith community in the first place. So for them it’s not a case of re-entry but of coming into an entirely new situation.

    Does this resonate with people?

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  7. Dev Luthra says:

    A terrific start to a full fall season of shows: the Theatre Project and Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine. Clear and compelling show and moving talk back at both venues. Check us out next at the UU church in Sharon MA this coming Sunday at 10:30 am.

  8. Dev Luthra says:

    Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @andstillwerise1

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  10. Dev Luthra says:

    Sorry to say our February 10th show has been postponed due to severe weather and the shut down of the mbta in Boston. We will post the rescheduled dates as soon as they are confirmed. Stay warm and safe.

  11. Richard Richards says:

    Dear ASWR, Sending you a virtual hug for the important and powerful work you continue to do with DevĀ“s guidance, and the support of others. I applaud you from afar. Richard.