Meet the Company

Judy Davis

Today I am finally able to let go of any past shortcomings, forgive myself and use all of my past adversities to my advantage. I am a life giving force today and hope to use ASWR as a platform to show solutions to life’s challenges.

Jose Figueroa

Because of the personal struggles that I have already overcome my perspective on life has really changed. I am now able to trust myself and my own decisions. I’ve been able to take advantage of opportunities offered to me to better myself. I am a very optimistic person, a mother of a young son, and a constant student of life. ASWR is an outlet for me to expose the feelings of those who have never been incarcerated but are effected personally by those who are.

Gail Hall

Assistant Director. I am an effective advocate for those in need, especially those in the criminal justice system. I am a survivor of a number of my own challenges. Now I can use my work experience as well as my life’s experiences to make a positive impact on society. As a part of ASWR I am able to bring to light the need for reform as well as offer the ways and means to do it.

Jerome Singletary

Artistic Intern. I am a recovering addict who is no longer miserable and unhappy. Today I look at the good and don’t dwell on the bad. I’m fighting the good fight and can be counted on to be of help. Being in ASWR is my way of showing everyone that The Lord God through His Son Jesus can take the worst and make the best.

Kimberly Smith

Assistant Director. My life is better because I am making better choices today. I’m glad to be a leader even when I find it difficult. Through my Higher Power I am able to look back on my negative lifestyle and appreciate the blessing that my life has become. The extensive work I do with ASWR gives me the opportunity to show other people, especially the youth, that they do not have to make bad decisions in life and that‘s it‘s ok to have to stand by yourself to be a leader.

Eric Driscoll

Today I am a man who is not affraid to sincerely express my inner feelings. I can allow my past failures to serve as a testiment to my strength. Through ASWR I intend to minister to the hurts of others and make a positve difference.

Lois Frazier

I went from the bondage of being in a cocoon to the blessings of freedom like a butterfly. I want others to know that it is never too late to heal from one’s own past. I will prove through ASWR that everyone can blossom, be free, and serve as an example to others.

Lola Frazier

I am a child of God who once had no understanding of who I was or why I was here. Even though I am the product of addiction I have not let it control who I am. Through ASWR I would like to give hope to those from addicted families and encourage them to get past the difficulties like I did.

Linda Taylor

[Linda’s bio is coming soon!]

Natalie Logan

I have survived a great deal of heartache because of circumstances regarding close family members.  I need to find a way to use my tragedies for the good in some way.  I want the community to know that we can become a village through forgiveness and healing.  With ASWR as an outlet I let others know that we need to come together and no one ever needs to experience the pain of the losses that I have lived through.

Saoul Rahman

I have become who I am today because of my rich history. I would like for everyone to see how I have developed. I would like for my personal story to inspire others to stay in solution. Through ASWR I hope be an uplifting force and have a memorable and postitive impact.

Vanity Reyes

I was born in Brooklyn NY and have always had an interest in Arts. I have experience in theater as well as rich history in life itself. I like to expose my talents to the underprivileged and help bring opportunities to those who may think they have nothing to give. ASWR is the company that I use to make a positive difference in everyone’s life.

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