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our shows

This season we plan to devise a show specifically geared towards an all ages audience. We are excited to expand our audience base to include youth of both genders.
Although we do request payment for our performances, our mission is always to spread the message of our work, we do not let lack of funds be a hindrance. Therefore, we are always open to negotiation and good will efforts. We will work with you to bring this performance to your community or organization.
The show generally runs a little over an hour and is followed up with the talk-back session with the audience for 20-45 minutes. The talk-back is an important element of the performance/education event. We can adapt the show and talk-back to run for a shorter time, with fewer performers, if that better suits your needs. Costs would generally be reduced in this case.

technical specifications

We have performed in all kinds of spaces from large rooms to 500-seat theatres. Below are our general requirements. If you cannot accommodate all of these, let us know and we can probably work out adjustments. For shortened or reduced-cast performances, requirements may be simpler.
performance space:

  • 20′ W X 16′ D stage or raised platform and steps or risers from house floor to stage/platform
  • 7 matching, easily movable chairs or rehearsal blocks


  • Good general lighting on stage and in the house.


  • A sound system to which we will connect our laptop. (We can supply if necessary.)
  • Cordless, hands-free microphone system only if the hall and audience size are very large (generally 250-300+).

front of house:

  • A central aisle in the audience, or two side aisles
  • Lobby/reception area for set-up of literature (posters, mailing list, photos, etc.)
  • One long table (about 60”X30”) or two smaller ones (card table size)

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