Boston College – 04/13/2011

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And Still We Rise
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adults & Teens
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA
Other Info
Performance is in the Vanderslice Hall Cabaret Room. Free admission

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One Response to Boston College – 04/13/2011

  1. Kelley Ambrose says:

    Dear Dev (and all members of And Still We Rise!),

    I just wanted to again express my gratitude and appreciation for the (and this is an understatement) truly outstanding and life-giving show that you shared with me and my fellow students at BC last week. I’ve been thinking a lot about what one of the actors said about “little things”, small ways of expressing love or friendship and how those meant so much to him and influenced him powerfully – such that he was inspired not to offend again, but to share his story. I think that was one of the greatest take-away messages for me personally — the fact that the smallest, most random acts of kindness can be what alters someone’s life. We don’t know where life is going to take us, but by spreading kindness, sharing joy and pain, I think we can truly start to “build a village” as one of the other actors put it. Hopefully I can begin in my own life to appreciate these moments as well as act in small but meaningful ways to others.

    I know many of the students I’ve talked to since were struck by the show as well, and the beauty is that we all took something different away from it. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the term “agape” but it translates from Greek into “self-gift” — and I believe your show is a concrete expression of agape, which I felt so honored to receive. I hope that you felt welcomed and simply thank you again for your presence.

    All the best,
    Kelley Ambrose

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