Past Performances

And Still We Rise performs at universities, community centers, service agencies and churches – wherever the message is needed. Past performance venues include:

Upcoming shows
Venue Date Time Map
Brandeis University 02/02/2018 4:00pm Map
Shattuck Hospital 02/09/2018 6:00pm Map
Harvard Law School, Wasserstein Hall 02/17/2018 11:00am Map
McKinley School 03/16/2018 9:30am Map
Past show archive
Venue Date Time Map
Shattuck Hospital 12/08/2017 6:00pm Map
Dance Complex 12/02/2017 8:00pm Map
Dance Complex 12/01/2017 8:00pm Map
Shattuck Hospital 10/27/2017 6:00pm Map
Boston Neighborhood Network-Television 10/15/2017 11:00pm Map
Columbus Theatre 10/14/2017 7:30pm Map
McKinley School 10/03/2017 8:00am Map
Boston Neighborhood Network-Television 05/31/2017 2:00pm Map
Praxis Stage 05/07/2017 3:00pm Map
Praxis Stage 05/06/2017 8:00pm Map
Praxis Stage 05/05/2017 8:00pm Map
Hibernian Hall 05/03/2017 6:30pm Map
Hibernian Hall 05/03/2017 6:30pm Map
Project Place 04/06/2017 7:00pm Map
International Centre for Ethics, Justice and Public Life, Brandeis University 01/28/2017 1:30pm Map
McKinley School 10/19/2016 12:00pm Map
Project Place 09/15/2016 TBD Map
Roxbury Community College, Resnikoff Gallery 07/28/2016 6:00pm Map
Julia Martin House 06/23/2016 10:00am Map
Shattuck Hospital 06/20/2016 10:30am Map
Kroc Centre 05/25/2016 5:00pm Map
Cutler Majestic Theatre 05/14/2016 10:30am Map
United Parish Church 05/14/2016 7:00pm Map
Deane Hall, Calderwood Pavillion, Boston Ctr for the Arts 04/26/2016 7:00pm Map
Saint James Episcopal Church 04/24/2016 1:00pm Map
Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester 04/09/2016 7:30pm Map
Boston University Community Service Ctr. 04/07/2016 8:00pm Map
Kroc Centre 03/31/2016 5:30pm Map
First Church in JP Unitarian Universalist 03/20/2016 1:00pm Map
United Church of Christ 01/09/2016 6:30pm Map
Department of Youth Services C.S.D.U 12/07/2015 6:30pm Map
Boston University Community Service Ctr. 11/23/2015 6:30pm Map
Crowne Plaza Hotel 10/15/2015 9:30am Map
Project Place 09/17/2015 6:30pm Map
Project Place 07/15/2015 6:30pm Map
Project Place 06/14/2015 6:30pm Map
Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry 05/31/2015 3:00pm Map
Deane Hall, Calderwood Pavillion, Boston Ctr for the Arts 05/19/2015 7:00pm Map
Project Place 05/16/2015 4:00pm Map
Boston Center for the Arts, Plaza Theatre 04/29/2015 7:00pm Map
Ames Courtroom, Austin Hall, Harvard University 04/02/2015 5:00pm Map
Stevens Theatre, Merrimack College 03/26/2015 7:30pm Map
Andover Newton Theological School 03/14/2015 8:00pm Map
Dorchester Court House 12/01/2014 6:00pm Map
Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Ctr. 10/10/2014 9:30am Map
Unitarian Church of Sharon 10/05/2014 10:30am Map
The Theatre Project 09/27/2014 2:00pm Map
Bowdoin College 09/27/2014 TBD Map
Villa Victoria Center for the Arts 06/07/2014 2:00pm Map
Mattapan Branch, Boston Public Library 05/17/2014 3:00pm Map
Project Place 05/14/2014 7:30pm Map
Dorchester Court House 05/12/2014 6:00pm Map
Good Shepherd Church of God in Christ 05/03/2014 6:00pm Map
Unitarian Church of Sharon 03/23/2014 3:00pm Map
Deane Hall, Calderwood Pavillion, Boston Ctr for the Arts 03/05/2014 7:00pm Map
Dorchester Court House 12/02/2013 6:00pm Map
Project Place 11/16/2013 4:00pm Map
Project Place 10/19/2013 4:00pm Map
Framingham State University 10/15/2013 7:00pm Map
Old South Church 10/06/2013 2:00pm Map
Project Place 09/21/2013 4:00pm Map
Central Congregational Church 09/14/2013 6:30pm Map
Project Place 07/27/2013 2:00pm Map
Villa Victoria Center for the Arts 06/08/2013 4:00pm Map
Boston Marriott Newton 06/02/2013 7:00pm Map
Lesley University 05/31/2013 7:00pm Map
Taunton DYS 05/28/2013 7:00pm Map
Hibernian Hall 05/23/2013 7:00pm Map
Haley House 05/16/2013 7:00pm Map
Dorchester Court House 05/13/2013 6:00pm Map
Rosie’s Place 04/24/2013 5:00pm Map
The Great Hall (Codman Square) 04/11/2013 7:00pm Map
Bridgewater State University 04/03/2013 8:15pm Map
United Baptist Church 02/07/2013 4:00pm Map
Dorchester Court House 12/03/2012 6:00pm Map
Project Place 11/17/2012 4:00pm Map
Boston Neighborhood Network-Television 11/15/2012 7:00pm Map
Project Place 10/18/2012 6:30pm Map
Ruggles Baptist Church 10/13/2012 7:00pm Map
Spontaneous Celebrations 06/30/2012 TBD Map
Spontaneous Celebrations 05/31/2012 6:30pm Map
United Baptist Church 05/19/2012 8:00pm Map
Dorchester Court House 05/14/2012 6:00pm Map
Rosie’s Place 05/09/2012 5:00pm Map
The Great Hall (Codman Square) 04/20/2012 7:00pm Map
Yamawaki Auditorium, Lasell College 04/02/2012 7:00pm Map
C. Walsh Theatre 03/27/2012 1:00pm Map
Boston Neighborhood Network-Television 01/01/2012 6:30pm Map
Boston Neighborhood Network-Television 12/30/2011 8:00pm Map
Boston Neighborhood Network-Television 12/29/2011 1:30pm Map
Boston Neighborhood Network-Television 12/26/2011 2:00pm Map
Perkins Community Center 11/28/2011 6:00pm Map
Project Place 11/19/2011 2:00pm Map
Dante Alighieri 11/19/2011 TBD Map
Project Place 10/22/2011 4:30pm Map
Pine Manor College 10/19/2011 8:00pm Map
Project Place 09/24/2011 4:30pm Map
Block Party 09/03/2011 1:00pm Map
Block Party 08/26/2011 12:00pm Map
Salve Regina University – O’Hare Academic Ctr. 07/16/2011 3:00pm Map
Blackstone Community Center 06/25/2011 12:30pm Map
Taunton DYS 06/07/2011 8:00pm Map
Dorchester House 05/09/2011 6:00pm Map
The Great Hall (Codman Square) 05/06/2011 7:00pm Map
Boston College 04/13/2011 7:00pm Map
Emmanuel Episcopal Church 03/27/2011 7:00pm Map
Northeastern School of Law 02/17/2011 8:15pm Map
Harriet Tubman House 01/20/2011 7:30pm Map
St. Francis House 06/17/2010 8:00pm Map
Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John 06/05/2010 8:00pm Map
Dorchester House 05/10/2010 8:00pm Map
Wheelock College 04/20/2010 8:00pm Map
Martin Institute @ Stonehill College 04/06/2010 7:00pm Map
Curry College 03/26/2010 7:00pm Map
Bromley Hall @ Bromley Heath Housing Development 12/19/2009 7:00pm Map
Project Place 7:30pm Map
Project Place TBD Map

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